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INNOVATIVE THINKING For decades the PCB industry has been growing and changing. It is impossible to be successful in this environment if one cannot adapt to the changes. Whether it is low cost regions around the world competing for market share or environmental standards being imposed that forces change the successful company must adapt. At LCOA, we look for ways to do things better or faster inside our own company and we strive to do the same thing for our customers. COST CONSCIOUS MANUFACTURING At LCOA, we are aware of the pricing pressures in the PCB marketplace and the electronics industry as a whole. Since being established in 1971, this awareness has driven our initiatives for reducing the cost of manufacturing to position ourselves to compete in the global market. It requires looking internally and externally for these opportunities. BROAD PRODUCT OFFERING LCOA offers the widest product line available for backup, entry and drilling materials used in the fabrication of printed circuit boards. Our products are used by PCB fabricators around the world to drill small holes in the PCB which are then metalized and used as a means to connect the inner layers of copper circuitry throughout the PCB. WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTION LCOA has a global network of distributors who sell our products to the end user customers. We look for distributors who have a vested interest in the success of the PCB market in their respective regions. We look for companies that invest in stocking and distribution locations, fabrication capabilities, strong customer relationships, professional and technically knowledgeable employees and support personnel, and most of all companies that also want to create value for their customers.

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